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Tooth Extractions – Frisco, TX

Carefully Removing Damaged Teeth

It’s unfortunate, but not every tooth can be salvaged; some are just too damaged to be repaired with a crown or a different type of treatment. Dr. Ali and Dr. Kraipak understand how frightening this prospect can be, and they’ll take the initiative in helping you stay relaxed throughout the extraction process. If you think you might need a tooth removed or are wondering what replacement options are available, call Plush Dentistry for an appointment today.

Why Choose Plush Dentistry for Tooth Extractions?

Reasons to Remove a Tooth

Man in dental chair holding jaw in pain before tooth extraction

If there’s a way for you to keep your natural teeth, we’ll be sure to exhaust those options before moving on to an extraction. Removal is only necessary in certain extreme situations, such as the following:

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