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Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Frisco, TX

Boost Your Dental IQ

Have dental-related questions? If so, then the team at Plush Dentistry is more than ready to answer them. Patient education is an essential part of what we provide Frisco residents so we can arm people with all the knowledge they need to enjoy their best smiles. You’ll find our answers to some of our most frequently asked dental questions below, but if there is something else you’d like to ask, don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call!

How often should I go to the dentist?

On average, a person of any age should visit the dentist at least twice a year for a checkup and cleaning. These services allow us to catch minor issues before they become major problems and stop many from developing in the first place.

Can I bring my child to Plush Dentistry?

Yes! Our team is ready to take care of every member of your family, including the youngest ones. Dr. Kraipak has years of experience helping little patients feel right at home while she sets them on the path towards a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Will the extra amenities at Plush Dentistry make my appointments more expensive?

No—our amenities like aromatherapy, massage chairs, Netflix, noise-canceling headphones, and all the advanced technology we use will not add extra line-items to your final bill. This is all just part of the experience at Plush Dentistry. With us, we’ll take great care of your smile and wallet.

I have a toothache. What should I do?

If rinsing and flossing the area doesn’t make the pain stop, go ahead and call our dental office. You might have an infection or injury that could develop into something serious if left untreated. Fortunately, we’ll be happy to schedule you for a same-day emergency appointment so we can put a stop to your toothache right away.

How long will it take to fix my tooth?

The answer to this question really depends on the extent of the damage. Most of the time, a small cavity can be filled in a single appointment, but extensive decay or a crack/chip may call for a dental crown, which usually requires two appointments to design, mill, and place. We can give you a more specific answer when you come to see us in-person.

Will you accept my dental insurance?

Plush Dentistry is ready to accept and make the most out of your dental insurance plan regardless of provider. We’re in-network with some of the most popular plans, and we’re happy to work with out-of-network policies as well. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you save with your insurance at your next visit.