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Icon Treatment – Frisco, TX

Icon Gets Rid of Unsightly White Spots

Everyone would like to have white teeth. White spots on the teeth, however, are a different story. If your teeth suffer from uneven coloration, it may be due to demineralization, trauma, missteps in oral hygiene, or dental fluorosis. In the past, fixing white spots was accomplished primarily via a complex process that involved shots, drilling, and restorations to cover the unattractive teeth. Today, however, a more elegant solution is available. We are proud to offer the innovative Icon treatment. It provides a painless and minimally invasive way to vanquish white spots.

Why Choose Plush Dentistry for Icon Treatment?

How Icon Works

Close-up of smile before icon treatment in Frisco

White spots on the teeth, which are otherwise known as white spot lesions or WSLs, occur due to an imbalance of remineralization and demineralization. This imbalance means that some portions of the enamel have more minerals than others, leading to uneven coloration. WSLs are places where the minerals are unable to reach deeper parts of the enamel. Their white color comes from the way light scatters off of them.

Here is a basic overview of how Icon works to correct WSLs:

Advantages of Icon

Close-up of smile after Icon treatment

Some of Icon’s most noteworthy advantages include:

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