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Plush Dentistry


Comprehensive care for the family is something that Plush Dentistry prides themselves in. Our preventative services and treatment options are designed to make sure that the dental health needs of your family are met.

We provide the following services to you and your family:

Dental Exam & Cleaning  |  Oral Cancer Screening  |  Children’s Dentistry  | Mouth & Sports Guards  |  Scaling & Root Planning  |  Extractions  |  Dentures


Restorative Dentistry is the art and science of restoring form and function of teeth. We follow an integrated interdisciplinary approach to reconstruct your smile which may have been damaged over the years.

Our services in this section include:

Tooth Colored Fillings  |  Ceramic Crowns  |  Ceramic Bridges  |  Root Canal Therapy | NV® PRO3 Laser


Cosmetic Dentistry at Plush Dentistry is designed to offer avenues to our patients to enhance their smiles while making sure we take care of their overall dental health first. Usually cosmetic treatments are elective procedures undertaken after achieving stable oral health through customized treatment programs for our patients.

We offer a variety of cosmetic options at Plush Dentistry:

Whitening  |  Ceramic Veneers  |  Cosmetic Bonding  |  Ceramic Crowns